Live-In Domestic Help Housekeeper - How a Live-In Domestic Help Housekeeper Can Save Your Marriage

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You may wonder how a live in domestic help or housekeeper can save your marriage, but interestingly she can. The reason why a lot of marriages do not have happy endings is because there is too much workload in the house that the wife does not anymore have the time to take care of her husband.

If the root cause of your marital problems is the limited time you get to spend with your husband because you are busy with household chores, a live in domestic help or housekeeper will prove to be of significance.

The basic duties of a wife usually include daily cleaning, washing the dishes, washing and drying the clothes, cooking, and practically keeping things in order. These duties are often time-consuming, and at the end of the day, the wife feels too exhausted for a night of romance. Besides that, she no longer finds the need to watch over her physical appearance.

With a live in domestic help or housekeeper, you can delegate some of your duties to her. You can, for example, give her the task of washing the dishes and the clothes, and perhaps even do some cooking, if you are comfortable with that. Cleaning the entire house on a daily basis can really be taxing on your part, but if you have a housekeeper at home, you can let her do the work, so you can concentrate on many other things.

Some people are apt to think that getting the services of a housekeeper or employing a live in domestic help can be expensive, and so they much rather want to do all the household chores by themselves. However, if you try to monetize your stress levels, lack of leisure time, arguments with your partner, and the likely damage to your marriage, you will find that all these are more expensive than the cost of maintaining a full time housekeeper.

Should you consider getting a live in domestic help, you should ask your close friends or family members for recommendations. Keep in mind that as your hired help will be staying in your house the entire time, she must exhibit favorable qualities. You can also look for a maid through certain manpower agencies as an alternative.

You should also be aware of the policies and guidelines in hiring a live in domestic help or housekeeper. Find out the minimum salary mandated by law and the benefits that you, as employer, should be giving your employees.

When you think about all these, having a full time housekeeper in your home or getting a live in domestic help, is undoubtedly a smart decision, especially if you want to make your marriage work.

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Live-In Domestic Help Housekeeper - How a Live-In Domestic Help Housekeeper Can Save Your Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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