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Domestic aquariums are a great way of having a pet that don't require all of the attention of other domestic pets such as cats and dogs. A domestic aquarium will not only contain the fish that you like but will also brighten up your living room or dining room or whichever room you would like the domestic aquarium to be.

One of the reasons that put people off having a domestic aquarium is the maintenance of it. A domestic aquarium might be easier to take care of than a cat or dog in the day to day, but the long term maintenance of a domestic aquarium can be time consuming and require a bit more knowledge than how often to feed the fish. This is where Aqualease come in.

Aqualease's domestic aquarium rental service is perfect for people that want the attraction of an aquarium in their home, but aren't sure how, or have the time, to maintain it. Aqualease specialise in providing a quality domestic aquarium rental service throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Aqualease's technicians will fully install your domestic aquarium complete with fish, supply you with the fish food and call at regular intervals to fully service the domestic aquarium at your convenience to ensure everything looks as good as the day it was installed.

Aqualease have a wide range of domestic aquariums available to hire. Virtually any domestic aquarium, regardless of size, will have a benefit. A large domestic aquarium is great, but if space is limited, a mini-aquarium will do. Aqualease's domestic aquariums range in size from the Slim-line Column Aquarium, which weighs 130kg when full to the Vision 450 Cabinet Style Aquarium that weighs 585kg when full, and doubles up as extra storage space.

Aqualease also have a wide range of aquarium fish to choose from for your domestic aquarium. Aqualease have three ranges of fish to choose from, coldwater fish, tropical fish and Malawi Cichlids.

Coldwater fish create an instant colourful and attractive display. The size and bold colours of coldwater fish make them an excellent choice for larger domestic aquariums where you really want the fish to stand out.

Tropical fish are a firm favourite with pretty much everyone. Aqualease have a large range of tropical fish to choose from that look amazing in pretty much any of the domestic aquariums available. Tropical fish set-ups can include Angel fish, Parrot fish, Gouramis and Rainbow fish to name but a few.

Malawi Cichlids are often referred to as freshwater marine fish due to their vibrant colours. Malawi Cichlid aquariums create a feature that will never fail to impress. They are very active and create a colourful and attractive display. These fish are best placed in one of the larger domestic aquariums where space isn't an issue.

If you're looking for a way to brighten up your home, Aqualease's domestic aquarium rentals offer the ultimate statement in style and sophistication, without the hassle.

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Domestic Aquariums from Aqualease

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This article was published on 2010/10/29