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Public employ foreign domestic helpers, how many preferred nationality? Employment firm survey, nearly respondents agreed input other than as domestic helpers domestic helper maid, about two as to employ home help workers of the respondents even said that because of hostage-taking incident, consider not hiring Filipina maids. Employment in Vietnam 1296 this year telephone access to people, understand their needs on employment of foreign domestic helpers. 58.4% of respondents agree or agree to increase the input select workers of other nationalities; Although 19.6% of the respondents employed workers, consider not hiring Filipina maids, but not so the maid said the dismissal of the employer.

Philippine government suddenly imposed maid of labor insurance, and make our maid employers by surprise, many Internet users in the forum to express discontent, or consider switching was employed as domestic helpers or helpers. Hired a maid's employer in the forum, please respect Thai commission will consider the change. In addition, some users dissatisfied with the employment company fails to timely inform the news, just a few maid met face shouting very angry Internet users, over the past few days, call the agency to meet with several maid, the day before the company was contacted, how materials parties read the newspaper yesterday that news. Philippine Department of Labor issued the day before yesterday to force a sudden foreign domestic helpers to the three specified labor insurance company, Hong Kong maid renewed by the same employer, temporary impact from the new requirements, new Philippine labor official shall 3 Baoxiangongsi purchase, a move involving monopolies.

Many hiring companies has suspended a week for maid and exit procedures, estimated that at least 3,000 applications for the Filipina maids in Hong Kong affected. New regulations scheduled to take effect next Sunday, but advance the implementation of the sudden the day before yesterday, but did not explain the details. Their company as an example, last employer for surge, India commission of inquiry appointed desire than ever to increase. Sufficient safeguards exist in the local insurance, teasing the profit for the government and the Baoxiangongsi means fear of foreign domestic helpers who passed on the premium end, the long-term or even Hong Kong people are no longer employed maid. Number of foreign domestic helpers domestic helpers in Hong Kong in 2003 to over 210,000 by the year rose to over 280,000, an increase of Yu Sancheng, but now domestic helpers foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong lack of selectivity and quality of inevitable decline, more and more Indian maid or domestic helper Go to Europe, America, Taiwan and other places of work, wages and benefits as well; Thai domestic workers in recent years because of the national economy improved, response unsatisfactory.

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source:Employment Agency,家務助理,印傭

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as domestic helpers or helpers

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This article was published on 2010/11/22